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Earthwise Construction Company, LLC

South Carolina Licensed General Contractor

Earthwise Construction Company has the experience in all aspects of your construction needs.


      Whether you are considering new construction of your dream home, a new commercial project or simply revitalizing your current space, Earthwise can help with design, create a budget you can afford and work with you step by step to build your future asset..

Why build green?

The benefits of green building or eco building are numerous and proven. A well designed eco building uses less energy and fewer resources than a standard building making them much cheaper to run. By using the right technologies you can significantly minimize long term running costs and even generate energy.

Due to the high quality design and construction involved in building green, eco buildings are warm, quiet and comfortable, not to mention solid, strong and non toxic.

  • Save money on energy and fuel bills
  • Simple elegant design
  • Sustainable materials last longer and can be recycled
  • You can help the environment
  • You can create a safe, comfortable environment in which to live and work

The question shouldn’t be ‘Why build green’, it should be why not?

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